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Battle for the Mountain 4 WODs

Battle for the Mountain 4 WODs

WOD 1: Partner D.T.

10 RFT of

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerk

Rx 155/105

Intermediate 135/95

Beginner 95/65

Masters (50-59) 95/65 (60+) 75/55

At the start of the wod, partner A begins and completes a whole round of D.T. before switching with parter B. You may not switch until the full round of work is completed. You must tag your partner to switch. Workout is complete when a total of 5 rounds each have been performed by each partner, a total of 10 rounds. Score is time it takes to complete the 10 rounds.

Time Cap: 15 min

WOD 2: Tuck and Throw

12 min AMRAP of:

30 Wall Balls 20/14 10’

30 T2B


Rx: As written

Intermediate: 1 mat HSPU

Beginner: 14/10 to 9’ target,  Knee Raises, S2OH 75/55

Masters: (50-59) 20/14 9’, Knee Raises, S2OH 75/55 (60+) 14/10 9’, Knee Raises, 65/45

At the start of the wod, partner A will begin with the set of 30 wall balls. Partners may switch at any time during the event, splitting the work up however needed between the two partners. A physical tag must be performed to show the switch between the athletes. Once the Wall Balls are completed, the team will make their way to their one designated bar on the pull up rig. Each team will only be allowed one bar for both athletes. After completion, teams will move to their designated wall, or bar, for their HSPU or S2OH. Again one wall space or one bar per team.(Event Tiebreaker: Time it takes to complete 1st Round)

Score is total reps completed in the given time.

WOD 3: Row and Go

Part A) In relay style each partner will complete two rounds of:

300m Row

50 Double Unders

Rx: as written

Intemediate: 250m Row, SU or DU

Beginner: 200m Row, 50 SU

Masters: (50-59) 250m Row, SU or DU (60+) 250m Row, 50 SU

At the beginning  of the event, partner A will begin on the rower for their first row. Once completed, they will move to their jump rope and complete their prescribed amount of jump rope movements. After completion, they must physically tag partner B, who may be seated at the rower waiting to start their first round. After each partner has completed two rounds, they will move immediately onto part B.

Part B)

30 C2B Pull Ups (total)

21 Syncro Bar Facing Burpees (total)

15 Power Snatch 135/95 (total)

Rx: As Written

Intemediate: Pull Ups, 115/75

Beginner: Jumping Pull Ups, 95/65

Masters: (50-59) Pull Ups, 95/65 (60+) Jumping Pull Ups, 65/45

Partners may switch when needed, but must still tag each other to switch. Each team will be given one pull up bar and one barbell for the event. The bar facing burpees must be performed together, at the same time. With both partners being down at the bottom of the burpee at the same time. And jumping over the bar at the same time. Score is total time it takes to complete parts A and B.

Time Cap: 10 min

Divisions & Specifics:

Rx (155/105, 20/14-10’, T2B, Flat mat, DU, C2B, 135/95)

Intermediate (135/95, 20/14-10’, T2B, 1 mat, 250m row, SU/DU, Pull Ups, 115/75)

Beginner (95/65, 14/10-9’, Knee Raises, S2OH 75/55, 200m row, 50 SU, 95/55)

Masters (50-59) (95/65, 20/14-9’, Knee Raises, S2OH 75/55, SU/DU, 95/65)

(60+) (75/55, 14/10-9’, Knee Raises, S2OH 65/45, 250 m Row, 50 SU, 65/45)

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Babysitting Update!

On Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm we will have Molly–our qualified sitter–available at the gym. In order to secure her services you will need to RSVP* no later than 12pm on the given day.

The cost is $10 for first child and $5 for each additional.

This service will be starting next Monday, January 15th.

*Here’s the link to RSVP for childcare on M, W, F / 4pm, 5pm, 6pm:


Required to RSVP **NO LATER than 12noon** on the given day that you need child care!

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Maintenance Day & Potluck in February

It takes a village in so many ways, and DCF needs your help in February!

We are planning a Maintenance Day / *Potluck on Saturday, February 10th. For those that would like to help we will be cleaning bars, hanging rings and conducting general gym maintenance. There will be no Crossfit WOD this day.

Instead, this is the “WOD” for Maintenance Day:

1 RFT Help DCF complete some needed maintenance

Cash Out: enjoy fellowship through a planned *Potluck!

*The gym will provide meat for the Potluck. We simply ask that you bring a side dish of your choice to share.

We hope you can help! Please sign up if you can & would like to. The sign up will be on the desk.

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Winter Schedule Change

Important Winter Schedule Change:

Starting next week and through to the end of winter we will be susping the 7 PM class. This is only until we have more light and it is warmer out (come on spring, come faster, pretty please!) We will resume the 7 PM class when Day Light Savings rolls around again, on March 11th. The winter schedule change will take effect next week Monday, January 15th.

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